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Welcome to the website of National Italian American Council (NIAC)!
We, the Italian American community, as citizens, want freedom of expression for two reasons. First, because in itself it is fundamental to human dignity, to self-respect, to being an important part of the world as we know it to be, and to being alive. Second, because we badly need it to help change the world and to bring about peace and justice. We cannot count on any system, to assure us the freedom to speak, to write, to assemble, and to petition. We cannot count on any system or mainstream press to give us the information necessary to be active participants in our society. Therefore, we will have to take our liberties that rightfully belong to us, and exercise them to full use. The belief that the First Amendment guarantees our freedom of expression is part of the ideology of our society. It is our duty to bring the First Amendment alive, or remain silent, and condone the actions of the violators.

Immigrants by statue of Liberty in New York City - USA

Our Rights:
According to the U. S. Constitution it is guaranteed to each and every American citizen this includes Italian Americans the freedom of expression, freedom of worship, the right to vote and other precious rights enjoyed by all Americans. These Natural Rights afforded to citizens makes it possible for Italian Americans their individual right and their right as a nationality to celebrate Christopher Columbus holiday, and to honor the great explorer based on his discovery of the New World. The Constitution, the cornerstone of American democracy, assures our nation’s commitment to the natural rights of its citizens to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, which is why it is so important for Italian Americans to celebrate Columbus holiday with pride. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World! Believe in this.

Written by
Anthony E. La Piana
founder & president
National Italian American Council

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