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NIAC Organizing & Field Operations

The NIAC is engaged in four (4) specific national grass roots campaigns. The following list of volunteer opportunities are available in all state's throughout the United States.

However, there are three (3) campaigns listed. The fourth (4) campaign the "Movement" is an educational exhibit and we currently have enough support.

All positions are volunteer.

NIAC will introduce new positions available in the future.

Currently available:


If a person (member) is interested in applying for a volunteer position go to the NIAC membership section on this website and complete the volunteer application profile form. Afterwards forward it to NIAC for processing. A representative will contact you approximately ten (10) days after the volunteer application is received.


If there is no local NIAC group in your state or area and you wish to start one. The NIAC regional office will help get you started with information on NIAC policies, structure, and group responsibilities.

The regional office will offer advisement on how to begin organizing meetings, raise funds for your group and how to network with other NIAC support groups, also other services are available to help get your group started.

Should you decide to proceed forward after reviewing NIAC materials the regional office will introduce you to a NIAC Area Coordinator, an experienced and very helpful volunteer leader in your area who will offer further information. The NIAC Area Coordinator will help assist you further by providing you with additional material's which will help you interest others to form your group. The materials will include brochures pertaining to recruitment, the NIAC agenda and mission statement, and campaign support information. And group forms for registration of membership that are sent to the regional and national office for examination. Afterwards, once you have been approved for registration by the national office you may begin participating in NIAC campaigns.

The Area Coordinator will help you organize and sponsor special events, workshops, distribute petitions, and raise the level of awareness bringing attention to the general public regarding a specific NIAC cause.

All positions are volunteer and currently available:

1. CAMPAIGN's for:

  • 1) War Veterans
  • 2) Christopher Columbus
  • 3) Media Representation of Italian Americans

A) Positions Available:

  • Duties:
  • AC's help organize the activities of NIAC groups or members in a state or specific geographical area. The AC will receive support from the regional director and national office to arrange meetings, help provide training, planning events, campaign work, and conduct field operations. AC's also work closely with groups and members in their own area with the same activities.
  • Duties:
  • SM's help coordinate the NIAC work within a state to advance a particular project or cause. SM's play an important role in working with the state legislature. And focus on a particular area of the state. SM's have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the area and are expert resources for NIAC. They consult and offer advisement with staff on effective strategy for that particular state or area. SM's work closely with regional directors, AC's and the national office to build and develop a state so NIAC may increase visibility. SM's are expected to understand and conduct the same duties as the AC's.
  • Duties:
  • AR's help organize the activities of NIAC groups or members in a specific geographical area in a state. Their goal is to help advance and introduce NIAC educational materials to school educators, business leaders and community residents. AR's will help assist the AC or State Mgr in that state or area with their specific duties. AC's perform the same function as AC's, only they concentrate on a specific local area.
  • Duties:
  • MONITOR's follow NIAC projects or cause in a particular state or area and report on the group's progress. They respond directly to the national office and work closely with administration on specific issue's pertaining to the campaign.

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National Italian American Council ( NIAC ) membership form for both individual and groups. This application must be completed and sent to NIAC home office for processing. This application is mandatory and must be completed for those applying for individual or group (unit) membership.
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