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About us / Membership

The NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL, (NIAC), was first formed as a corporation in 2000. Since its inception, the NIAC has amassed an impressive record of accomplishments. Read the accomplishments by clicking here for the details page




Membership includes:

  • 1) Supporting the organization and its campaigns
  • 2) Keeping up-to-date with current campaigns and projects
  • 3) Helping to save and preserve our history
  • 4) Become a part of a group of people taking action
  • 5) Receive value added service and benefits

If you would like to Join or Donate to NIAC:

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NIAC accomplished many significant projects. View the colorful and successful history.

Access the history page here


The National Italian American Council has many accomplishments including HR2242, the Italian American Wartime Violation Act. Progress is being made in other political and social areas as well. Read the accomplishments Access the Accomplishments page here

Friends / Supporters

A number of individuals and organizations assist and support our campaigns. Access the friends on NIAC page here

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If you would like to Join NIAC:

Access the membership page here

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