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The NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL, (NIAC), was first formed as a corporation in 2000. Since its inception, the NIAC has amassed an impressive record of accomplishments.

  • 1. NIAC launched a national grassroots campaign to successfully lobby the WWII Italian American Wartime Violation Act, HR 2442 that passed both the House of Representatives, and Senate, and was signed into law by President William J. Clinton on November 7th, 2000.
  • 2. NIAC brought the exhibit “Una Storia Segreta” translated in English means “A Secret Story” to the Daly center in Chicago. Amazingly, the very same month the exhibit was on display – HR 2442 was signed into law.
  • 3. NIAC organized a highly visible protest of the HBO series the “Sopranos” promotional visit at a nightclub in Chicago on January 27th, 2000.
  • 4. NIAC raised funds for the American World War II war veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.
  • 5. NIAC launched the Live cable TV Talk Show “Taking Sides” on a Chicago Access Network (CAN-TV-Ch 19). The Talk Show featured several political candidates, community leaders, and acted as a source educating the general public at large.
  • “Taking Sides” aired Live for one full hour, remained on cable TV for a total of 20 shows, before a Chicago audience, promoting the Italian American community positively.
  • 6. NIAC launched PIP (Project Invisible People), a counteroffensive against anti-Columbus activists to remove Columbus holiday as a national holiday.The NIAC is engaged in a national grassroots signature campaign to “Save Columbus holiday” a Petition is circulating the country. Currently thousands of signatures have been gathered.
  • 7. NIAC launched WHAM (What About Me?), which tackles issues of biased media images against Italian Americans.
  • 8. On December 4th, 2003, Anthony E. La Piana, founder & President of the National Italian American Council, testified as an expert witness before the human relations committee at Chicago's city hall on behalf of resolution -( American prisoner of War Act-2003) - seeking an apology, and compensation for American POWs held captive in slave labor camps in Japan, and southpacific during world war II. La Piana, conducted fact-finding missions for two years regarding the inhumane treatment American POW's endured while held in internment camps, and slave labor camps by the Japanese government. The resolution passed the city council on December 17th, 2003. Similiar legislation is pending in the U.S., Congress and Senate.
    The "Christopher Columbus" campaign has been extended with no set deadline date.
    The NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL launched a national grassroots signature campaign to "Save the Columbus holiday" and is soley responsible for doing so.
  • On April 28th, 2005 Anthony E. La Piana, founder & president of NIAC met with officials from the U.S. Justice Department, in Denver, Colorado regarding issues surrounding the unfair treatment and civil rights abuse visited upon peaceful Italian American parade marchers. Afterwards, La Piana delivered to Governor Bill Owens, of Colorado, an official notice requesting that his office enforce stronger crowd control measures so the parade remain peaceful, and free from disruption engaged in by anti-Columbus protesters. La Piana, delivered to Denver mayor Hickenlooper, a list of Constitutional violations targeting Italian Americans.

    Save the Christopher Columbus holiday!

Immigrants by statue of Liberty in New York City - USA