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NIAC Campaigns

  • 1. Supporting our war veterans.

    The National Italian American Council (NIAC) is an advocate for the American War Veterans of all wars and conflicts. It is our mission to advance political legislation, social service programs, and long term care treatment for our brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice of serving the United States of America in time of need. We as Americans must not take for granted our liberties, or freedom. As Americans we can demonstrate our respect and appreciation to those who have gone before us to defend our great nation. As Americans we can show our gratitude to our military by helping NIAC advance its agenda in ways of volunteerism, or activism.
  • 2. To Promote Culture & Heritage - The Movement Exhibit
    movement exhibit pix

    The "MOVEMENT" exhibit is an educational exhibit designed to tell the history of Italian American culture and the achievements and accomplishments of the NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL
  • 3. To Preserve Columbus Holiday.
    movement exhibit pix

    The NIAC launched PIP ( Project Invisible People ), a counteroffensive against the efforts of Anti-Columbus activists to remove Columbus Day as a national holiday. A national signature petition was created by NIAC to Save the Columbus holiday and it is being circulated on a national level.
  • 4. Media representation

    This section describes how unfairly Italian Americans are treated in the mass media expecially the hollywood media, and the negative effect it has had upon our culture.

We Honor the Deserving, we attempt to Educate the others, we Shun those who will not understand.

The National Italian American Council ( NIAC ) is dedicated to advance, protect and preserve NIAC campaigns. The NIAC slogan "We honor the Deserving, we attempt to Educate the others, we Shun those who will not understand" are words which represent truth and substance to help save and defend a culture from losing its identity, and integrity from bigots and racist who are deliberately targeting a people considered to be the most loyal segment in American society. It is critical for those viewers when they examine the NIAC website to understand that it is our intention to change the social perception of the way the American people view and look upon Italian Americans. There is no doubt that Italian Americans are treated as second (2)nd class citizens in American society.

The NIAC media revolution has begun!

NIAC is also dedicated to defending and supporting the American Military and American Flag. It is our goal to help our freedom fighters receive the respect they so richly deserve. For far too long the American Military have been neglected in area's of political, social and long term care treatment causing many to live in poverty and isolation as well as being uncared for by the very same powers who order them to defend our great nation. This injustice must cease! This Bold and Forceful approach taken by NIAC to defend a people from such injustice will live on forever.

Written by
Anthony E. La Piana
founder & president
National Italian American Council ( NIAC )

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