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Defamation of Anthony La Piana


Defamation of Anthony La Piana

False Correlation of Anthony La Piana of NIAC to the Detroit Partnership

It has come to my attention that several years ago an anonymous source on a website blog has associated me, well, someone with the similar name as myself, Anthony (Tony) La Piana/Anthony Lapiana, with the Detroit mob, a.k.a. Mafia or Partnership. Worse, they wrongfully tied that Anthony Lapiana to our organization, NIAC, as being the President of the National Italian American Council. The content of that website has now migrated onto an offshore website in a country not governed by our U.S. laws.

This posting occurred several years ago on a site called “geocities.com” where people could anonymously post unsubstantiated stories without any professional journalism and fact checking to determine the accuracy, veracity and correctness of their statements; nor do they reference sources. From what we can determine, one of these sites, geocities was purchased by Yahoo, who subsequently disabled this site, possibly because the liability associated the other scandalous stories posted on this site.

Unfortunately, even though Yahoo disabled this site, the contents of this site was copied to other sites, mostly off-shore, where they remain exposed on the internet where they can disseminate these inaccuracies and lies without any accountability nor repercussions, nor do they have a simple means to correct their intentional or inadvertent falsehoods and fabrications. One is geocities.ws, which appears to point to a webserver in France. The .ws domain is an abbreviation for "Western Samoa", a small island/country in the South Pacific.

This puts us in a difficult position where we’d prefer to correct or delete the untruths, but because these sites are not governed by U.S. Law nor our integrity standards, and the parties associated to these off-shore sites are nearly impossible to find and contact to compel them to correct the content through friendly communication or litigious means. Therefore we must, at least for the foreseeable future, live with the assumption that these allegations about that Anthony (Tony) LaPiana and the Detroit Mob and this person’s false link to NIAC will remain exposed on the web and searchable though search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

We are taking steps to remediate as much of this as we can, but for now we will have to revert to a rebuttal, clarifying these inaccuracies, and explaining why this anonymous posting is false, how Anthony LaPiana of Lombard, Illinois is in no way associated to the Detroit Mob, the Mafia nor any other alleged illegal organization or activity, nor is he the same LaPiana from Sterling Heights, MI, near Detroit.

Please note: we are not responsible for the content of these links, please follow with caution as many are hosted on offshore sites not governed bu U.S. Law
This misinformation was initially discovered on this site:
http://www.geocities.ws/jiggs2000_us/lapiana.html and other sites cloned this story.

There was an anonymous geocities user named “jiggs2000_us” who posted this defaming story about a man named “Anthony Lapiana Jr” “as the son-in-law of Detroit mobster Vincent A. Meli,” and his relationship to the Detroit’s Mob. It also correlated this Lapiana to “Health and Welfare Plans Inc.,” and … “Automated Benefit Services;” related him to the Insurance dealings with Teamsters, and said “Anthony Lapiana continues to own and operate Automated Benefits Services where his brother Louis serves as Vice-President of the Sterling Heights, Michigan office.“ It also referred how the investigation mentions “his mob ties as well as the involvement of his family with the Teamsters.” Worse, the story ends with:
“Anthony… became a proponent for the mistreatment of Italian Americans while denouncing the portrayal of all minorities by the media… Anthony is also the President of the National Italian American Council. “
This statement directly ties him to our organization, defaming LaPiana of NIAC and our organization. It implies that LaPiana of Lombard, the President of NIAC, who also happens to be in the Insurance business as owner and agent for “American National Marketing” is the person targeted in this article. This story is not only defaming, but lacks the professional ethics, standards, news acquisition and fact-checking of reports before their dissemination to the public that you would expect in a professional publication.

There are also other stories that apparently refer to the other Tony LaPiana, but don’t directly tie him to the National Italian American Council. This one refers LaPiana to the sale of an Insurance Company.

Stating: “Reputed Detroit mob czar Anthony (Chicago Tony) La Piana has reportedly sold his U.S. Health and Life Insurance company for a cool 50 million dollars… La Piana, 71, and alleged to be the newly-anointed underboss of the Detroit mafia…”

While this may or not be true about the other LaPiana, the person with the same name appears to be in the insurance business as is Tony of NIAC, plus he was also born and raised in Chicago. While this could be confused with Tony (myself), it does contain information that separates him, such as his age (71), named relatives and other details. The following table compares the similarities and differences comparing the Anthony LaPiana referred to in various Websites talking about the Detroit Mob and the facts about Tony from NIAC. We cannot vouch about the details of the Detroit LaPiana, but this is based on the information we saw in these web site postings.


Detroit related postings

Tony of NIAC


Anthony Lapiana, Jr

Anthony E. La Piana

Not a Junior (Jr).

Born and Raised


Berwyn/Chicago area

Year Born

1943 (December 20)


Current Location

Sterling Heights, MI

Lombard, IL


Vincent Melli

Not applicable 


Former Teamsters union heavyweight

Father was in the [painting and decorating business] all his life.



Not Married


U.S. Health and Life Insurance

Automated Benefit Services

American National Marketing Org, Inc.

Business Located

Sterling Heights, MI

Lombard, IL





In 1967, La Piana incurred his lone criminal indictment, a federal collar for hijacking and charges



Brother William, John and sister Mary.

I hope this information helps you discern the fact that Tony of NIAC and Lombard IL, is not the same Anthony from the Detroit area, referenced in these defaming posts. If you have any questions or concerns about me, Tony LaPiana of NIAC, I encourage you to do your own research, and if you still have any questions, please send me an email so I can help clarify any details or address any concerns. I’m sorry about any confusion this might have caused, but it’s been something quite out of my hands being targeted just because of my name, but I hope this rebuttal helps in clarifying this unfortunate situation.

Here are several other websites with similar information you can use to compare details.
http://www.geocities.com/jiggs 2000_us/partnership.html (deactivated by Yahoo)
http://gangsterreport.com/the-ralph-proctor- murder

For those of you who know me professionally or personally, you know that I am not the same person described in these articles. For those who do not know me, I ask you for the opportunity to get to know me. So, feel free and email me at info@niacusa.com


Anthony E. La Piana
, The "real" President of the National Italian American Council

Reported by ACTION on 2015-12-28


Defamation of Anthony La Piana