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The NIAC Message

Founded in 2000 the National Italian American Council (NIAC) is an anti-defamation society. The NIAC lobbies governmental authorities on behalf of the Italian American community as well as other cultures seeking our support. And orchestrates protest rallies against defamatory portrayals of Italian Americans and other cultures facing injustice.
Support an organization that can support you. NIAC has demonstrated it is a true anti-defamation organization having the experience, talent and track record to fight for your civil rights. We can make a difference in our great country for future generations.

The time is now to get involved!

Working To Unite America

We, the members of the NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL (NIAC) as citizens of the greatest society on earth want freedom of expression for two reasons. First, because in itself it is fundamental to human dignity, to self-respect, to being an important part of the world as we know it to be, and to being alive. Second, because we badly need it to help change the world and to bring about peace and justice. We cannot count on any system, to assure us the freedom to speak, to write, to assemble, and to petition. We cannot count on any system or mainstream press to give us the information necessary to be active participants in our society. Therefore, we will have to take our liberties that rightfully belong to us, and exercise them to full use. The belief that the First Amendment guarantees our freedom of expression is part of the ideology of our society. It is our duty to bring the First Amendment alive, or remain silent, and condone the actions of the violators.

About NIAC

NIAC is an organization dedicated to Uniting all Americans for the common good of our society. However, this goal cannot be accomplished unless we as citizens stand up and take a stand to fight for our individual civil rights and human rights. "We the People" are not just words our founding fathers chose to use because they needed good sounding words. The words "We the People" have meaning and represent the fundamental dignity to our self being that require all citizens of America to be recognized as important human beings. Our goal is very primal. It is to have an effect on society so the good citizens in America have a strong voice that can be heard not ignored. For far too long the American People have been neglected, over looked, and simply taken for granted by those of influence who control our society. It was Abraham Lincoln who said "God must have truly loved the average man, because he made so many." How important these words were and still are today. It is the commoner who built American society dating back to Christopher Columbus, the Europeans, to the present day immigrant. However, because of those of influence wielding crushing power over the commoner feeling helpless and alone in a society designed and constructed to be abundant with opportunity, self expression and rewarded for rugged individualism. The complete opposite emerged causing powerful, corrupt, self serving individuals to advance a hidden personal agenda solely to benefit themselves leaving the commoner completely left OUT from society and invisible for others to witness his or her good.
Written by
Anthony E. La Piana
founder & president
National Italian American Council