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Words from the President

President's Message

The NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN COUNCIL (NIAC) has taken a great deal of time to make major organizational adjustments so we may advance our agenda more rapidly and better serve our supporters. The past several months were set aside for careful planning and development. Some key steps were taken to raise the organization to a new level of exposure for general public use. And major improvements have been made in the following area's, Communications, Education and Training. Because of the improvements NIAC will be more effective when launching future grass roots campaigns. The NIAC is especially pleased with the new website tools of communication making it easier and faster to reach our NIAC activists nationally. Furthermore, by enhancing our methods of field communications our activists and supporters will be able to receive information more accurately and on a timely basis thus enabling them to respond more quickly to issue's important to the cause. Furthermore, I am confident and strongly believe NIAC will achieve maximum results regarding the advancement of its agenda and the improvement of quality of life for those concerned with issues related to the NIAC Mission statement. NIAC is currently engaged in a recruitment drive seeking individuals interested in the field of activism and journalism. Those interested may go to our membership page and learn more.


President's Statement

Spanning over several decades the mass media especially the Hollywood media have had a field day depicting Italian Americans negatively in movie films and on TV. And the current trend reflects negative stereotyping of Italian Americans is not slowing down anytime soon. One can imagine the tremendous harm and damage done to the Italian American culture. The cost is insurmountable and cannot be calculated in terms of monetary loss.

Enough cannot be said how greatly Italian Americans have suffered because of negative stereotyping. I cannot begin to describe how many times I experienced bigotry toward my nationality, from employment to social situations. After carefully examining this cancer growing in America. It is a fact that the Italian American is still treated as a second (2nd) class citizen. The pressure must be put upon government at the federal and state levels to enact laws protecting Italian Americans as well as other cultures deemed targets of such acts of bigotry.

Written by
Anthony E. La Piana
founder & president
National Italian American Council