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NIAC Activist Workshop

* Program curriculum

1st Section:

A) Understanding Activism

*Orientation & NIAC Agenda
*Activism & Administration
*How to incorporate Politics and Activism
*Applying Field Operations
*Campaign Communications & Electronic Media

2nd Section:

A) Fundamental Principles of Organizing

*Forming an Effective Organization
*The First Amendment to the Constitution and State
*American Patriotism and what it means

3rd Section:

Media Development Track

A) Media Development Planning Meeting
* Discuss topics (events, interviews, news, documentaries)
* Discuss scripts, interviews & logistics
* Discuss Media Distribution
 (website, media outlet distribution and DVD productions)

B) Getting and preparing the media

* Pictures
 - Shoot, scan or obtain high quality pictures
 - Preparation guidelines for media distribution
  (includes tools, sizing, optimization)

* Video
 - Shoot or obtain quality video
 - Sound considerations
 - Lighting considerations
 - Preparation guidelines for Media distribution
  (website, media outlet distribution and DVD productions)
  (includes tools, sizing, optimization)
 - Gather other media (programs, brochures and other copy)
 - Collect signed release forms

C) Production
* Edit / Review / prepare media per Media Distribution
* Add Copyright / Credits
* Brand the media with watermarks and copyright notices
* Determine timeframes for Media Distribution

*) Review = Tony La Piana -NIAC
* Content / Copyright / Credits Review
* Release forms verification

D) Media Distribution
* Local / national news & media outlets
* Youtube
* Website ( levels of content for the public, members, premium
  members and subscriber )
* DVD productions

E) Archiving
* Backing up media

F) Field (video) shoot
* Applying principles in section B) above
* filming events and interviews


NIAC Activist Workshop

Prices reflect local area only. And workshops can be designed for other locations prices vary.
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