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Welcome to the Resources Page. This page contains forms you may need.

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view pix NIAC membership application for 2009
All applicants should read the entire application from front to back
2009-07-31  Details
view pix Five Centuries of Italian American History book Order Form
Applicants wishing to purchase the Five Centuries of Italian American History book complete this order form and send it to NIAC with your payment or go to paypal and purchase it online. Allow fourteen (14) business days for processing and make certain to read all the terms before making your purchase.
2009-07-31  Details
view pix form dvd apperance release form1
Use this form to participate in the DVD productions.
2009-07-31  Details
view pix Signature Petition for Columbus day Movement
This is a national signature petition document for the Christopher Columbus campaign to "Save the Columbus holiday" from being terminated by opposing groups trying to remove the Columbus holiday and parade and Columbus historical achievements from school textbooks. The public is welcome to circulate this signature petition and make copies if needed. Afterwards forward to the NIAC national office for processing.
2009-07-31  Details